AMFIT clear whey review - (The best clear whey available)?


AMFIT clear whey

Is AMFIT clear whey the best clear whey available?

AMFIT clear whey is a relative newcomer to the supplement scene and it is a game-changer. No more heavy protein shakes that can leave you bloated. 

Refreshing, fruity, clear why drinks are the way to go. Like whey protein, they are fast-acting and easily absorbed making them ideal for post-workout or for just helping you to hit your daily protein goals. 

What is clear whey?

Whey protein has been around for decades in the form of regular protein powder. It is an essential part of a bodybuilder or strength trainer's diet as a supplement to lean meats, fish, eggs and other proteins. 

There is no question about its effectiveness and the results that it can help you to achieve. The problem is, after a while, protein shakes can be a bit of a chore. Varying the flavours can make them a bit more tolerable but there comes a time when you just want to change it up. 

When you've had a gut full of whey protein shakes and do not have the time to cook up fancy recipes, take a look at clear whey. Clear whey powder produces a clear, juice-like drink when mixed with water as opposed to a heavy, dairy-like milkshake.

 It is simple to prepare, just add a scoop or two to some cold water, shake it up and leave it to sit for a minute or two. Once the foam has settled down, you have a refreshing, delicious, fruit flavoured drink. 

This makes it an ideal alternative to regular whey protein, especially in the summer months.

Clear whey contains all of the same goodness as regular whey. Typically, one scoop will give you around 20g of protein when mixed with water. 

Because it is just like lemonade or juice, it is easy to drink 2.5 scoops at once giving you a whopping 50g of protein around 200 calories (depending on flavour). 

What can I do with clear whey?

Cooking with protein powder has become a big deal. There are blogs, youtube videos and cookbooks all telling us the best way to utilise protein powder in our cooking. 

The options may be a little more limited when it comes to clear whey but we still do not have to settle for boring old shakes. 

Clear whey slushies.

Clear whey slushie recipes

This is an easy way to make clear whey a bit tastier. Simply mix your powder into a small amount of water until you get a syrupy texture and pour over crushed ice. 

Add fruit or mint if desired. Great for hot summer afternoons as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. 

Clear whey mocktails.

Clear whey mocktail recipes

This seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment and is a fun way to get your protein. The texture of clear whey makes it ideal for mixing with fruit juices and syrups to make mocktails. 

Some brands even offer mojito and fruit punch as a flavour making an easy base to build a mocktail from. 

Why do bodybuilders need whey protein?

Bodybuilders typically need to eat around 1g of protein per lb of lean body mass. Eating 200g+ per day of protein can be difficult especially if you are trying to keep the calories down. This is where whey protein can help. A simple shake can give you 50g of protein which is a big help when supplementing your diet. 

Whey protein is fast-acting. It is easy for your body to digest so it gets into your bloodstream and reaches your muscles quickly. 

This makes it ideal as a post-workout drink. Whey protein will kickstart your recovery after a workout and assist with muscle repair and adaptation. 

Who is AMFIT?

AMFIT are the new supplement brand from Amazon. Amazon is now a household name and it would be easy to assume that they are just jumping on the bandwagon with supplement manufacturing.

 Surprisingly, their vitamins, supplements and protein powders are all brilliant. We have not tested one yet that is below par and in many circumstances, they out-perform big supplement brands that are charging 4x the price. 

AMFIT products are simply packaged with all of the nutritional information clearly supplied. With it being an Amazon product, delivery is usually very quick (especially if you are a Prime member) and returns are simple. 

They may be a newcomer to the supplements industry but their ability to invest, research and manufacture on a large scale has resulted in some of the best supplements available to buy today. 

No fancy ads, stupid product names or gimmicks, just simple, effective nutritional supplements at a cheap price. 

AMFIT clear whey protein powder.

The clear whey range from AMFIT is an industry game-changer. Many other supplement brands have dipped their toes into clear whey but none of them come close to the offering from AMFIT and here is why...


AMFIT clear whey only comes in two flavours. Orange and Mango and Berry. Whilst the range of flavours is not as large as MyProtein for example, the quality of taste is great. 

Orange and mango are great for a refreshing, summer type drink and the berry flavour is great for sipping on throughout the day. 

As mentioned above, the range of flavours is very limited but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some manufacturers have exploded onto the scene with numerous flavours but the majority of them do not taste great. Taste is subjective but when you get a metallic aftertaste, it soon becomes off-putting. 

AMFIT seem to be taking their time and only releasing flavours that they have tested and received feedback for. Hopefully, we will see more flavours in the future.


If you regularly drink whey protein you will know how much of a big deal this is. Drinking a lumpy, chalky drink is not fun and is a factor that will put most people off of particular brands. 

Clear whey acts slightly differently than regular whey when it comes to mixing as it produces a foam that needs to settle. 

This makes it unsuitable for blenders meaning a protein shaker bottle is the only way to go. 

Quite a few of the brands that we have tested have left clumps of the powder floating regardless of the amount of shaking. 

This often seems to be flavour related within the brand and leaving to sit for 30 minutes plus will often remedy the issue. 

AMFIT mixes easily and does not seem to have issues with clumping. The instructions state that you should leave it to settle for 30 seconds before drinking although we have found that it can take 2-3 minutes to fully dissolve and become clear. 

To be fair, this seems to be the same with all of the powders that we have tried with some of them taking over 30 minutes to fully dissolve. 

The result after a few minutes is a clear, juice drink with a smooth texture and no clumps. 


We are looking for one primary thing from our protein powder and that is the protein that it can deliver. Other factors such as calories may come into it depending on our goals but they are secondary. 

Let's take a look at the ingredients involved with AMFIT clear whey...

amfit clear whey ingredients

As you can see, the main ingredient is pure whey protein. The natural flavourings mean that you do not get the artificial, overly sweet taste that you would with some other powders. 

In comparison to a lot of manufacturers, the amount of ingredients used is very basic with minimal fillers. 

amfit clear whey nutrition

As you would expect from a good quality protein powder, the calorie count is low at only 94Kcal per serving as is the fat content. 

This may not be ideal if you are looking for a bulking powder but if you are looking for maintenance or cutting, it is great. 


this is where other protein manufacturers are not going to be able to compete with AMFIT. As AMFIT is owned by Amazon, they have a manufacturing, warehousing and delivery network that no other company can compete with. 

This means that they can produce their product at the fraction of the cost of other suppliers. this is reflected in the price. When you take into account the servings per pouch, 

AMFIT clear whey is the cheapest on the market. There are a few others that come close in price but it only takes a brief look at the product reviews to realise that there is a reason that they're cheap. 

What other clear whey proteins are available?

Protein powder manufacturers are all starting to produce their own version of clear whey. Some with better results than others. We will take a look at the options available, how they taste, how they mix and the cost. 

myprotein clear whey

MyProtein is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. They sponsor top athletes in bodybuilding, strongman, CrossFit and many other disciplines. 

The range of flavours available from MyProtein is vast and the quality s very high. Some flavours can be a little bit sketchy so do your research before buying. 

Mojito and pineapple seem to be a winner whereas the peach tea flavour and the cranberry flavour do not receive very good reviews. 

proteinworks clear whey

Protein Works have launched a range of clear whey with flavours including strawberry mojito and tropical fruit punch. So far, all of the flavours have been very well received and people are only saying positive things about them. 

They are a little more expensive than other suppliers but they do add vitamins to their powders making them a great option. 

bulk powders clear whey
Bulk Powders have some tempting looking flavours such as cherry bomb and pink lemonade. they are also very cheap, sometimes cheaper than AMFIT. 

There does seem to be a bit of an issue with Bulk Powders' clear whey when it comes to mixing. The biggest complaint is that it simply will not fully mix. 

We have found that this can be overcome by mixing it, putting it in the fridge and for 30 minutes with intermittent shaking but who really has the time for that? 

A few other manufacturers are producing clear whey protein but they all seem to be a lot more expensive or use fillers. 

Protein powder seems to be one of those things where the term 'you get what you pay for does not apply. Many of the big manufacturers focus on gimmicky advertising and branding so that they can justify charging over the odds. 

Use your head, check ingredients, check nutritional values and check reviews before buying. 


There are many great clear whey protein powders available and the options are growing all of the time. At the time of writing, in our opinion, none of them come close to AMFIT in terms of mixability, taste, nutrition and value for money. 

The only thing that lets them down at the moment is the limited range of flavours, but hopefully, we will see more soon. 


Q: What is clear whey protein powder?
A: Clear whey protein powder is a high-quality protein supplement derived from whey, which is the liquid portion of milk separated during cheese production. Unlike traditional whey protein powders, clear whey protein is processed in a way that removes most of the fats, lactose, and carbohydrates, resulting in a more translucent and less creamy product.

Q: What makes clear whey protein powder different from regular whey protein powder?
A: Clear whey protein powder has a lighter texture and taste, making it more refreshing and easier to mix with water. It's also lower in calories, fats, and carbohydrates compared to regular whey protein powder, making it a better choice for those who are watching their nutrient intake.

Q: What is the best way to consume clear whey protein powder?
A: Clear whey protein powder dissolves easily in water, making it a perfect choice for a post-workout shake or a protein-packed snack. Simply mix the recommended serving size with water, juice, or your favorite beverage in a shaker bottle or blender, and enjoy.

Q: How does clear whey protein powder support muscle recovery and growth?
A: Consuming clear whey protein powder after a workout provides your body with essential amino acids needed to repair and rebuild muscle tissues that are broken down during exercise. This process supports muscle recovery, growth, and overall athletic performance.

Q: Is clear whey protein powder suitable for those with lactose intolerance?
A: While clear whey protein powder has significantly less lactose than traditional whey protein powders, it may still contain trace amounts. Individuals with lactose intolerance should consult their healthcare professional before using clear whey protein powder to determine if it's safe and suitable for their individual needs.

Q: Can clear whey protein powder be used in recipes?
A: Yes, clear whey protein powder can be incorporated into various recipes, such as smoothies, protein bars, and baked goods. However, due to its lighter texture and taste, clear whey protein powder may yield different results compared to using regular whey protein powder in recipes.

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