How can I get stronger? (A guide to getting strong without a gym)


How can I get stronger

How can I get stronger? Everything you need to know

Is there anything I can add to my daily routine to make me strong without joining a gym?

You can get stronger by adding resistance training to your exercise routine, eating a diet high in protein and supplementing with vitamins and fish oils. 

The guide below will tell you everything you need to know and answer the question, how can I get stronger? No gym is required!

Why are some people naturally strong?

Some people are naturally strong due to their genetics. These are the ones that we turn to when we need a stubborn jar opening or help with heavy objects. 

They seeming do nothing different to you but there are a few factors that will contribute to their natural strength. 
  1. Genetics - This will play a big part in natural strength. To a certain extent, we get our muscle and bone density dictated to us by our genetics. Some people have naturally broad shoulders and a thick back. This, coupled with strong bones and joints, will contribute to natural strength. 
  2. Diet - Protein and healthy fats are all huge contributors to muscle size and joint strength in adults. Children that have a diet rich in protein, calcium, healthy fats and vitamins will develop stronger bones, joints and muscles as they age. Especially if they lead an active lifestyle to complement this diet. 
  3. Exercise - Lifting heavy objects regularly will lead to micro-tears in the muscles. When we eat, our body will repair these tears and strengthen the muscle in preparation for the next time it is exercised. This is how bodybuilders and strength trainers gain muscle size and strength. By breaking down the muscle fibres and repairing them with rest and nutrition. This forces muscles to adapt and grow. 

What can I do to get stronger?

There is not much that can be done about our genetics. If we have a naturally small frame, it is going to be a bit harder to gain strength whereas if we have a naturally thick frame with big joints, we can attain strength gains relatively quickly. 

Diet is one of the areas we can control. Adding excess protein to our diets along with healthy fats, whole grains, fruit and vegetable is going to give a boost in energy levels, flexibility in the joints and an increase in IGF-1 growth hormone. 

If we combine this with resistance training, we can add serious gains to our strength and improve our physical appearance. 

Exercise is going to be the main area that will allow you to make huge gains in strength. Joining a gym is the obvious way to make strength gains as you will be able to perform the three big strength moves with a barbell and rack set up - the deadlift, squat and bench press. 

If you are a member of a gym or looking to join one, you can look at our HyperStrength program by clicking on this link.

Get stronger without a gym!

We have detailed below, a strength and conditioning workout that can be done at home without the need for a gym. 

Perform this full-body split daily for two weeks without a day off. At the end of two weeks, take 3- 4 days off to recover before starting the cycle again. 

Alternate following workouts daily.

Workout A: Complete circuit five times - 30-second rest between circuits

Press up - 1 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
Squat - 1 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
Crunches - x20
Standing calf press - x20

Workout B: Complete circuit five times - 30-second rest between circuits

Bench dips - 1-minute AMRAP
Side lunges - 1 Minute AMRAP
Plank - 1 Minute
Leg raises - x20

This is a very simple workout split that will target the chest, core, arms and legs. You can add pull-ups and chest dips to the routine if you have a dip station. 

If you have dumbbells, consider adding some bicep curls and lateral raises to compliment the workout. 

Each workout should only take 25-30 minutes but it is intense and will leave you sore. Make sure that you drink a protein shake immediately after working out followed by 4-5 small, protein-rich meals throughout the day. 

How much protein do I need to get strong?

Protein is going to be the main focus of your diet if you are looking to get strong. A good target is around 1g per lb of lean body weight per day. If your lean body weight is 180lbs, aim for a minimum of 180g of protein. 

Your lean body weight is your overall weight minus your body fat percentage. You can either estimate this or use a fitness app like MyFitnessPal or Apple Fitness. 

How to get stronger - The best time to eat protein

If you are over 45, you may want to consider increasing your protein to 1.3g per lb of lean body weight as your body becomes more stubborn at breaking down protein as you age. 

If you struggle to hit your protein markers with food, use whey protein or a whey isolate as a supplement. This will give you a 50g hit of easily absorbed protein for less than 200 calories. 

What equipment can I buy to help me get stronger at home?

You are going to get stronger through regular resistance training so anything that you can buy to assist with that training is going to be beneficial. Below are some of our recommendations.
  • Sissy Squat Bench
  • Pull up/Dip station
  • Dumbbell set
  • Dumbbell bench
  • Resistance bands
  • Squat rack
  • Olympic bar
  • Olympic weight plates
  • Adjustable weight lifting bench

Sissy squat bench
If you want to develop your legs and glutes, squats are going to be your best bet. A sissy squat bench is cheap, easily stored and great for improving strength in the lower body. 

This would be one of the first things that we put in our home gym. You can see more details by clicking here.

Pull up/dip station
A good pull up. the dip station is great for upper body strength development. You can develop your back and biceps with pull-ups and use the dip bars to develop your chest and triceps. 

These stations are relatively cheap and can be kept in the garden. You can view our recommended pull up/dip station by clicking here.

The options are endless when buying strength training equipment. If you have the budget, you can buy a rack of dumbbells, an Olympic platform set up or a cable machine. 

These are getting into the realm of a fully functional home gym. If you are a little more serious about strength training, you can see our article on home gym setups by clicking on this link

Sports that help you to get stronger. 

You can get stronger by taking up a physical sport. Below is a list of sports that will give you enhanced fitness and make you stronger. 
  • Swimming - this is a great option for functional fitness and getting strong.
  • Gymnastics - The discipline and strength required for gymnastics will force muscle gains and make you stronger.
  • Field athletics - Any running, throwing or jumping sport will improve fitness and make you strong. 
  • Strongman - This seems like an obvious one but the events are a lot of fun. You do not have to compete, just immerse yourself in the culture and training. You will quickly become very strong. 
  • Yoga & Pilates - These disciplines will give you great core strength as well as flexibility and muscle tone. 


Follow our simple workout program, take up an active hobby, eat more protein and you will get strong. The blueprint for getting stronger is right here. You just have to follow it. 

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