How to build bigger abs (A guide to training abdominals)


How to build bigger abs

You have always wanted to know how to build bigger abs? You want to feel confident and look awesome in your summer swimwear. That's why you've decided that this summer is the summer of your dreams! Your goal is to grow your abs.

How can I make my abs show?

You will need to follow this simple guide if you want your abs to show...
  • Increase the size of the ab muscles with resistance training
  • Maximize gains from your workout by eating plenty of protein
  • Keep your body fat percentage below 15%
  • Eat a clean diet so that you do not retain excess water
  • Exercise the other muscles around the abs to enhance definition

The anatomy of the abdominal muscles

There are three types of abdominal muscles — rectus abdominis, external oblique, and internal oblique. 

All three work together to flex the spine, rotate the trunk and compress the abdomen. 

When looking at the human body, there are few muscle groups more impressive than the abdominals (or six-pack). This makes sense because the abdominals are responsible for core strength and support. 

Anatomy of the abs

Here's a quick definition of what ""abs"" are: The human body is full of connected muscles and bones. 

Your torso is divided into four components: your upper abdominals, like the rectus abdominis; your lower abs, like the transversus abdominis; your obliques, on either side of your stomach; and your internal wedges, like the internal and external obliques. 

So when someone says they want to work on their abs, they're probably referring to their muscles in the midsection.

The importance of strong abs

Growing your abs is one of the biggest struggles for anyone looking to get ripped. But no one needs to tell you that growing a big set of abs isn't an easy task. 

There's so much conflicting information out there, and it can be hard to discern what's right and what's not. And it's even harder to put any of it into action in real life.

Importance of abs in sport

Understanding the importance of the abdominal muscles is a key factor in improving your core strength. You cannot train any other muscle group in your body unless you strengthen these muscles. 

A strong, tight set of abdominal muscles helps to support your back and improves posture as well as reducing your overall risk of injury. 

Being able to control your core is one of the major components when it comes to sports performance, which will allow you to make that much faster turn, dunk that much more forcefully or give that much more power to every strike you make. 

The final thing to mention is posture. Strong abs and a strong core, in general, will promote good posture. Good posture is essential for avoiding back injury or any back troubles in later life. 

Whether you are an athlete, dancer or just seeking optimal fitness, a sound six-pack is an important element for achieving success.

How to Build Bigger Abs in the Gym?

Are you looking to grow your abs at the gym, but don't understand which abdominal exercises to do? Sit-ups can be a good start, and you can use different variations of that exercise to give yourself a good workout. 

But there are so many other ways to activate those abs!

Heavy compound movements such as deadlifts are going to give you overall core strength and add mass to your abdominals. 

Abs used in deadlift

All bodybuilding programs should include some heavy lifts as they are not only good for putting the muscles under tension. 

They also put a heavy strain on the central nervous system. This forces your body to temporarily produce more testosterone and IGF-1 growth hormones. 

This will, in turn, help with hypertrophy in the muscles around the rest of the body. Including the abs!

Compound movements aside, there are a few isolation exercises that will directly target the abdominals and obliques. 

Machine crunches

If you are lucky enough to have a crunch machine in your gym, your life is going to be a lot easier. 

Being able to add heavy resistance to your crunches really helps with ab development as you can not get this with regular floor crunches. 

Machine crunches to build biger abs

Crunch machines also give you the option of quick weight selection, making them great for drop sets or pyramid sets. A great way to mix up your ab routine and keep the muscles guessing.

Rope crunches

If you do not have a crunch machine, you can improvise by using a double rope handle on a cable pulley. Set the pulley to mid-level, attach a double rope, select your weight, kneel down with the rope behind your head and crunch away. 

Rope curls for bigger abs

Make sure that you are using a slow and controlled movement. Connect with the muscles and really feel the abs doing the work. 

Side bends

Side bends for bigger abs

Side bends are great for developing the obliques at the side of the abs. The abdominal muscles are also activated, making this a great compound core exercise. Try to go as heavy as you can to get the full benefit. If you use a light weight, you could be doing the movement for ages!

Ab rollouts

Ab roll outs for bigger abs

Ab rollouts are a great finisher and, if you have a roller at home, you are not restricted to doing them at the gym. 

They can be a little tricky if you have never used a roller before, but you can start with knee rollouts or wall rollouts first and build up confidence.

Hanging leg raises

hanging leg raises for bigger abs

Every good ab workout should include leg raises of some description. If you have the grip strength, hanging leg raises are great, but if you don't consider using a leg raise station or using floor leg raises. 

How to Build Bigger Abs at Home?

How to get six pack abs at home - The first thing to do is to change your diet.

Eat low carb, high protein recipes that are easy to make and are healthy. Combine this high protein diet with resistance training and you are on the right track.

You will soon have strong and lean muscle mass with the right amount of protein in your diet.

If you are just using bodyweight, an ab circuit is going to be your best bet for muscle growth. 

Perform 4-5 sets of the circuit below at least every other day and you will see results very quickly, especially if you have low body fat % and are new to training. 

- Planking (hold for 25 seconds)

- Side Planks (hold for 20 seconds on each side)

- Reverse Crunches (15 reps)

- Bicycle Crunches (15 reps each side)

- Russian Twists (30 reps)

Why don't my abs show?

The truth is, genetics do play a role in the appearance of your abs.

There are a lot of factors that go into getting rock-hard abs, and each person's body is just a little bit different—so some people may have to work harder than others. But you CAN define your abdominal muscles, no matter what your genetic makeup is!

How to get the abs to show

A few tips: First, make sure you're doing the right exercises. You can't expect to get six-pack abs if you're never doing ab workouts! Try incorporating dynamic exercises like planks and flutter kicks into your routine every day.

Next, make sure you're eating enough high-quality food. Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism and make it harder for you to build muscle. 

Eating a well-rounded diet full of healthy proteins and vegetables will help you define those muscles faster than if you were skipping meals or taking in too much junk food.

Finally, don't be afraid to mix things up! 

Your body gets used to routines quickly, so even if you love crunches or leg lifts, make sure that you change up your workout every once in a while. 

Doing so ensures that all of your muscles stay engaged and challenged as they grow.

Do abs really matter for your health?

People don't just 'have' washboard abs. Some have a little bit more than that. But this is why you should embrace the appearance of your abdominals instead of hate it. 

You should work to be happy with what the gods gave you and try to be proud of it instead of constantly feeling down on yourself because you cannot see the abs that are hidden underneath your belly fat. 

People used to think that having a six-pack was an indication of health, but it isn't. It's just another way for thin people to feel better about themselves and laugh at those who aren't "blessed" enough to be thin. 

But no one is laughing behind your back if you have one or two extra pounds around your love handles. Whether you can see your abdominal muscles or not doesn't matter. 

What matters is that you love yourself, whether you're skinny or fat (or somewhere in between), and that can take a lot more than getting ripped abs.

If you want to make your abs pop, do it for yourself, not other people!


We can conclude that, in order to make your abs show, you need to have a low body fat percentage, a clean diet and at least a small amount of mass in the abdominal muscles. 

We hope this article has been of some value to you. Make sure you take the time to go over the resources we have provided to make your workout more effective. 

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