How to start bodybuilding from home (A free home bodybuilding program)


How to start bodybuilding from home

How to start bodybuilding at home with no equipment.

It is possible to start bodybuilding from home without having to commit to a gym contract. Further down the line, you will probably want to invest in some resistance equipment or join a local gym as you are going to need progressive overload but it is easy to get started from home. 

So let's get started with our guide on how to start bodybuilding from home:

  • Start with diet - Eat a clean, high protein diet
  • Supplement with whey protein, vitamins and healthy fats
  • Monitor macros and calories
  • Dedicate a space to working out
  • Find and commit to a bodyweight training split
  • Make a note of your starting measurements
  • Set long term goals and break them down over short periods
  • Monitor progress and adapt goals
  • Start to incorporate resistance equipment 

Why is diet so important with bodybuilding?

Your diet is the most important part of bodybuilding. Many elite bodybuilders claim that gains are made up of 20% gym work and 80% nutrition. 

There is no point breaking down muscle fibres during a workout if you are not going to eat so that they can repair and adapt. 

Eat a clean diet, free from refined sugars and trans fats but rich in lean meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats and whole grains. 

Why do bodybuilders use whey protein?

Bodybuilders use protein to repair and adapt muscles after a workout. The best protein to take after a workout is either a whey protein shake, whey isolate or a vegan protein shake. These are easily absorbed proteins that get into the bloodstream fast and kickstart recovery. 

Whey protein is also beneficial if you struggle to meet your daily protein markers with food. If you are aiming for 200+ grams of protein a day, this can be hard with food alone. 

A single protein shake can give you 50+ grams of protein for around 200 calories making it a great option to have in your cupboard. 

Why do bodybuilders need to monitor macros?

Bodybuilders monitor macros to make sure that they are getting the optimal amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in their diet each day. 

By tracking and monitoring macros, they can reduce recovery time between workouts and encourage muscles to repair and adapt quickly.

The priority is to make sure that you are hitting your daily protein markers. A good target is around 1 gram of protein for every lb of lean body weight (your overall weight minus your body fat %). 

Use a tracking app such as MyFitnessPal as this will count the calories and macros from any food that you eat. 

Tracking macros for beginners

Where can I start bodybuilding in my home?

Find a space in your home that has enough room to perform the exercises and that you can shut away from any distraction. 

If you have a room that you can solely dedicate to working out, turn it into your home gym. Put up a couple of mirrors, some motivational posters and a sound system to start with. 

You can add equipment at a later date as you discover what you are going to need. 

What bodybuilding exercises can I do from home?

With no resistance equipment, you are going to be limited to the exercise choices available. It is possible to build muscle, especially if you are a beginner, but further, down the line, you are going to need to add in some resistance equipment if you want to continue building. 

Circuit training is the best way to build muscle without resistance without equipment. Alternate between these circuits for six days a week with one active rest day. 

Circuit 1 - Repeat 4 times
Air squats 1 minute 
Press-ups 1 minute
Calf presses 1 minute
Bench Dips 1 minute
Crunches 1 minute

Circuit 2 - Repeat 4 times
Side lunges 1 minute
Close grip press ups 1 minute
One-legged calf presses - 30 seconds on each leg
Leg raises - 1 minute

Circuit 3 - Repeat 4 times
Wall squats - 2 minutes
Press-ups with feet elevated - 1 minute
Bench Dips - 1 minute
Plank - 2 minutes

As you add more equipment to your gym, you will be able to substitute the exercises and add in movements that will tax the back, shoulder and biceps.

What gym equipment should I buy first?

The first thing that you should buy for your home gym is a good dip/pull up station. This will allow you to perform a full, upper body workout that will target the chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders. 

They are relatively cheap compared to other gym equipment and by far the most useful.

We recommend the SportRoyals Power tower as it allows you to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, press-ups and leg raises. 

It is compact, sturdy, well-reviewed and compact making it ideal for a home gym. Click here for more information or to buy this equipment.

The best equipemtnfor a home gym

The second thing to buy would be a sissy squat bench. This will allow you to take your leg training to the next level. We recommend the HOMCOM sissy squat bench. Click here for more information

Sissy squat bench for a home gym

After this, the options are endless. A set of dumbbells along with an adjustable bench are the next obvious choice and after that, it is going to depend on the space you have available and your budget. 

If you have the room, a squat rack with an Olympic bar and some weight plates are going to allow you to train like professionals. 

If you do not want to join a commercial gym, think about converting your garage or a spare room into a fully functional home gym. When your home gym is ready, consider one of our resistance training programs such as HyperGrowth or bodybuilding beginner boot camp.

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