Is Echelon as good as Peloton?

 Is Echelon as good as Peloton

Echelon Vs. Peloton

Difference Between Echelon and Peloton Exercise Bikes

Echelon bikes and Peloton bikes are both high-end exercise bikes that are designed for a variety of fitness levels. They both offer several features such as on-demand video classes, live streaming, live coaching, and more. But there are some differences between the two that you should know about before you make your decision.

Peloton bikes have a touchscreen where you can watch the live classes. You can also buy the classes on demand and get access to over 10,000 on-demand classes with live instruction from trainers in New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

The Echelon bike is similar but it doesn't have all of the features of the Peloton bike. Echelon bikes are more affordable and can be used for solo or group workouts. It has a touchscreen tablet as well but it lacks the variety of classes offered by Peloton.

Peloton has been the bike of choice for many fitness enthusiasts because it is designed to provide the best experience possible when working out in a group setting.

Echelon Bikes vs. Peloton Bikes- Which Comes Out Ahead?

For the purpose of this comparison, we will be showcasing the cheapest bikes available from both Peloton and Echelon. This is the Peloton Original and the Echelon EX-3. 

Both companies offer higher-end models with the Peloton+ and the Echelon EX5-S and you can view the comparison between those bikes by clicking on this link


Price is a major factor when it comes to buying a high-end exercise bike and there is quite a difference depending on where in the world you live. 

Price in the US

  • Echelon EX-3: $799 plus a monthly subscription of between $24.99 and $39.99
  • Peleton Original Bike $1194 plus a monthly subscription of $39

Price in the UK

  • Echelon EX-3: £749 plus a monthly subscription of between £24.99 and £39.99
  • Peloton Original Bike: £1345 plus a monthly subscription of £35

As you can see, Peloton is a lot more expensive than its closest rival, Echelon. The difference in quality is so marginal that it is hard to see how they justify the price. 

Peloton runs expensive advertising campaigns and funds celebrity endorsements. There are a lot of people out there that will just buy from these endorsements without shopping around and that is what Peloton rely on. 

Echelon approach things in a different way. You can buy directly from them but they are happy to let the retailers do the advertising for them. They do not run expensive advertising campaigns which is why they are not a household name like Peloton. 


When it comes to design and durability, there is not a lot of difference between the two bikes. Both are steel-framed, well-constructed machines with a magnetic resistance wheel that is manually adjustable. 

The resistance adjuster on the Peloton is 100 steps and feels very smooth whereas the Echelon is only 34 steps and feels a bit clunkier with clicks between each step. 

The design is so similar in fact, that Peloton is in the process of suing Echelon for breach of patent law. 

Both bikes are smooth and comfortable to ride as you would expect at this price point. 

The Peloton Original

Peloton bike
The Echelon EX-3

Echelon bike


Peloton Display

The peloton display screen is included in the price of your bike and will allow you access to the online coaching program from your subscription. The screen is a 22inch, feature-rich touchscreen. 

We found that it was a little bit glitchy compared to the Echelon display but this may have been down to the internet connection at the time. 

One feature we did like was auto-follow. This automatically increases or decreases the resistance along with the class instructor so you just have to focus on pedalling. It's not a huge problem to do this manually but it is a useful feature. 

Peloton display

Echelon Display

The Echelon EX-3 does not come with a built-in touch screen so you will need to use your own iPad or Android tablet to access the classes. This plugs directly into your bike and securely sits on the cradle. . Echelon does offer a built-in touchscreen on the more expensive EX5-S bike which easily rivals that of the Peloton. 

All of the vital information you need for your workout is clearly displayed along with a leaderboard to motivate you to push yourself. We liked the simple, easy to read layout of the Echelon display. It is a little annoying having to use your own iPad but at least you have a highly responsive screen with it!

Echelon display

Is Echelon As Good As Peloton? Our Conclusion

In our opinion, the big jump in price up to a Peloton is not justified by the few additional features that it offers, especially if you already own an iPad or Android tablet. 

It's no wonder that Peloton is filing lawsuits all over the country as companies are popping up offering a similar service to them for a much cheaper price which must be hurting their bottom line.

The build quality, usability, design and functionality are pretty much identical with both bikes. You get auto-follow and a few extra resistance settings on the Peloton but the 34 settings on the Echelon should suffice for most riders. 

If money is no object and you want access to a wider range of classes, go for the Peloton. If you are a bit savvier and appreciate good value, the Echelon bike is your best option. 

Where Can I Buy The Echelon EX-3?

Echelon bikes can be purchased directly from Echelon or most good sports equipment retailers. Argos is offering the best price in the UK at the moment with fast delivery. In the US, it seems like Amazon is probably your best bet. 

Where Can I Buy The Peloton?

Peleton direct are the only place to buy a new Peloton bike. They do not deal with retailers and they will deliver, install and set up the bike for you which is a nice touch. That being said, you will be paying $250 for this nice touch!

Review conclusions


Accessories or Add-ons

  • There are many extras that you can purchase when you place your order for a Peloton bike such as shoes with Delta Cleats (you'll need these to fit into the foot straps). You don't need to buy Pelotons shoes, You can click here to find cheaper alternatives. 
  • Peloton also offer headphones but, again, these are overpriced and you can use any headphones. 
  • Peloton weights are available to order. They look like they are good quality but the resistance levels are pretty small. Amazon or eBay are your friends for buying free weights. 
  • The heart rate monitor is actually pretty good and a worthwhile add-on. It allows you to make sure that you are staying in your fat-burning zone and that monitor your cardio output levels. 
  • Peloton does sell a mat to place your bike on to avoid damaging any hard floors or wearing down any carpets. If you don't buy Pelotons, get a stable mat from eBay for around $20.


  • Having 100 levels of resistance is a bit OTT but, the way the manual adjuster glides between these levels is very smooth in comparison to the Echelon. 
  • Auto-Follow is a great function if you are advanced. It allows the instructor to dictate your resistance levels and your bike will automatically adjust the resistance to keep in line with the program. 
  • The Peloton service is very good. You order directly from them, they deliver and set up your bike. They will then offer you a demo to make sure that you know exactly how to use it. 
  • Having a built-in display is great if you do not have an iPad or Android tablet. 
  • the range of online classes available is vast and comes from some world-renowned trainers. You literally have thousands to choose from!
  • The display and app allow you to track real-time metrics whilst you are cycling and review data when you have finished. 
  • Peloton is the original high-end spin bike company. Echelon is their closest competitor but they are not as big as Peloton. 
  • We like that the pedals can be replaced to suit you. If you prefer cages, you can buy these as an additional extra and bolt them on. 


  • The delivery fee!!! We were shocked to earn that Peloton charges £250 for delivery and set up of a machine considering the huge price tag and a monthly subscription that you are forced to commit to. 
  • Although we like that you can change out your pedals, it seems as though this may void your warranty. And, you can only use shoes for delta pedals so this may be another expense that you have to factor in. 
  • You are forced to tie yourself into a minimum 12-month contract for classes whereas Exhelon allows you to pay by the month, for less, and cancel at any time. 
  • The Peloton bike is very heavy compared to Echelon and other bikes on the market and we can't seem to find why. It is no sturdier than the other bikes and there is no real difference in size. 

Echelon EX-3

Accessories or Add-ons

  • Echelon give you the option of different seats to add to your bike with a detailed guide on selecting the best one to suit you. We thought this was a nice touch.
  • Although the bike does not include a tablet, the tablet cradle is very sturdy and secure. If you have a good iPad, the display will be better than the Peloton built-in touch screen. 
  • Echelon has a wide range of heart rate monitors and sensors to add to your purchase. they are all high quality, high-end monitors but the prices are very reasonable. 
  • Echelon has a selection of leg weights that you can wear whilst you train if you are looking to build those quads!
  • The bike mat is included with the Echelon meaning that your floor will be protected and your neighbours won't feel the vibrations. 


  • Very affordable in comparison to Peloton with a wide range of payment plans to suit everybody
  • The standard seat supplied on the Echelon bike is far more comfortable than the standard Peloton seat with extra padding for rest periods. 
  • The build quality is every bit as good as the Peloton. It has a strong steel construction with neat welds and is painted in black satin. 
  • No minimum subscription period. Peloton ties you into a minimum of 12 months whereas with Echelon there is no long-term commitment. 
  • If you don't have an iPad or Android tablet, you can place the bike in front of your smart tv and take part in the classes there. this is a great feature if you have a dedicated gym space and are going to use the bike regularly. Using a big screen gives you more of an immersive feel than a small tablet. 
  • The Echelon bike is about 20lbs lighter than the Peloton and much easier to manoeuvre. 
  • You don't have to plug in your tablet or iPad as the Echelon has Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • You can literally use any shoe with the Echelon so it is less restrictive. 
  • The adjustable handlebars make it much easier to set up the bike to suit your frame and height. 


  • No built-in display. This is not a huge deal as the money you are saving by not buying a Peloton will get you a pretty decent iPad!
  • The manual resistance adjuster could be a bit smoother. This is one area where the Peloton wins. It's good, just not as good as the Pelotons!


Do you need a subscription to use these exercise bikes?

You can use either bike without a subscription as a general spin bike but to get the most out of training and to keep motivation levels high, it is advisable to use the subscription for guided training. 

Can you use either app with either bike?

The bikes do not support each other's apps so you will need to subscribe to the relevant service for real-time stats and to track your workouts. 

Are Echelon and Peloton reuptable companies?

Both companies have a great reputation for service and are widely very well-reviewed. Peloton is in the process of suing various smart bike manufacturers including Echelon over patents but whatever the outcome, we do not see it affecting the service from either company.

What is Echelon's best exercise bike?

At the time of writing, their newest bike is the Smart EX5 S. Unlike other Echelon bikes, it includes a large touchscreen so you don't have to mess around plugging in your iPad. 

What is Pelotons best bike?

The Peloton bike +  is currently Peloton's best bike available. Prices start from £1895 in the UK

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