Echelon EX5-S Review - Better than the Peloton+?

Echelon EX5-S Review - Better than the Peloton+

Echelon EX5 vs Peloton +

There is no doubt that Peloton offers excellent bikes and is an industry leader in the home-workout arena. But, they are not cheap! The up-front payment, monthly subscription and huge delivery fee are enough to put most people off. 

Other companies saw a gap in the market here. They realised that they could produce a similar quality bike, with a similar online coaching service at a much cheaper price. Before long, Peloton found themselves surrounded by imitators all copying their business model with great success. 

The closest competitor is Echelon. The high-end offering from Echelon is the EX5-S bike which is a direct competitor to the Peloton+. These bikes are both the premium offering from both companies and are very similar in a number of ways. 

In this article, we will compare the two bikes for build quality, functionality, price and the quality of their classes. 

Echelon EX5-S Vs. Peloton+


The major difference between these two competitors is the price of their bikes and what is included in that price. 

Price in the US

  • Echelon EX5-S             $1649 plus a monthly subscription of between $24.99 and $39.99
  • Peloton Original Bike   $1995 plus a monthly subscription of $47

Price in the UK

  • Echelon EX5-S             £1599 plus a monthly subscription of between £24.99 and £39.99
  • Peloton Original Bike   £1845 plus a monthly subscription of £42

Both bikes carry hefty price tags and are a big investment. The monthly fee is fairly high also and similar to the amount that you would pay for a gym membership.

One big difference is the delivery cost. You can only buy a new Peloton bike online directly from them. They will deliver it, install it, offer a working demo and take away all packaging. This sounds great but it comes at a cost, a whopping cost! $250 on average!

you can purchase an Echelon bike through any major equipment retailer including Amazon. This means that you get quick, free delivery but you will have to set it up by yourself. We did this in the office and it took one person about 45 minutes to build the bike and another 10 to get online to the classes. 

Peloton is more expensive but they have expensive advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsements to fund! Echelon, on the other hand, is happier to let the retailers do the advertising and shipping for them. 


The appearance of both bikes is very similar. They both have a similar footprint, weigh about the same and offer the same features. 

When it comes to build quality, you can see why you are paying a premium. Both bikes are very sturdy, steel-framed structures with neat welds. All cables are hidden away within the frame and both are finished in a black satin paint

To look at, we actually preferred the Echelon with the flywheel at the back and the enclosed drive belt.  It also felt more comfortable to ride when seated. 

The Peloton does outclass the Peloton in a couple of ways. The manual resistance selector feels much smoother than the Echelon as you do not have clicks between each resistance setting. The standard of the classes felt a little better and we loved the auto-follow feature. 

Auto-follow is an automated resistance that changes in line with the class that you are taking part in. This allows you to follow the trainer without having to constantly adjust the resistance setting. 

Echelon EX5-S and Peloton+ bikes next to each other


Peloton Display

The Peloton display is a 23.8-inch high definition screen so slightly bigger than on the Peloton original bike. The screen rotates so that you can take part in other Peloton classes that do not require the bike. 

As mentioned above, the auto-follow feature is one thing that puts the Peloton bike a step above the Echelon EX5-S. You can focus on your workout and let the instructor control the resistance. 

Another major downside with the Peloton is that they force you in to signing up for a minimum 12-month contract if you want to access the classes. Echelon allows you to pay month-by-month allowing you flexibility. 

Peloton screen display example

Echelon Display

The Echelon EX5-S is the first Echelon bike with a built-in display in an attempt to bring them in line with Peloton. We were impressed with the quality of the screen and the responsive touchscreen. 

The screen is 21.5 inches so it's 2 inches smaller than the Peloton but the image is clear, with good sound quality and clearly laid out information. 

We loved the leaderboard feature. If you're competitive, it really motivates you to go harder and faster. 

Echelon screen display example

Conclusion - Is the EX5-S As Good As Peloton+?

The price gap is not as big between these two bikes as it is with the cheaper models but there is still the hefty Peloton delivery price tag to factor in. We also preferred the design of the Echelon EX5-S. For these two reasons, this would be our preference between the two bikes. 

If money is no object and you are happy to pay the extortionate charges, the Peloton does run a bit smoother and offers slightly higher quality classes, but not enough to justify the difference in price in our opinion. 

Where Can I Buy The Echelon EX5-S?

Echelon bikes can be purchased directly from Echelon or most good sports equipment retailers. With the release of the EX7-S, it is worthwhile shopping around for suppliers that are trying to sift stock of the EX5-S.

Where Can I Buy The Peloton?

You can only buy a new Peloton+ bike directly from Peloton. This means that you are forced to pay their delivery charge and often have to wait weeks for your delivery. If you want to go for a Peloton, it's probably worth checking your local Facebook marketplace for secondhand options. 

Echelon EX5-S - Is it better than the Peloton+?



  • The Peloton+ has more resistance settings (more than you will ever need in fact). The major pro is the smoothness with which you can switch between these settings. No clicking or stiffness, just a smooth action.
  • We touched on the auto-follow function previously. This is where Peloton outshines all of its competitors. We are guessing that they have patented this as nobody else offers it as a feature. 
  • If money is not an issue for you and you want good service, the Peloton order, delivery, set-up and demo service is very good. It takes all of the hassles away from the transaction and they even take all of the packaging away. 
  • The display is bigger. The quality and the design are similar with both bikes but a bigger screen does make the classes more immersive. 
  • Peloton offers thousands of classes, way more than Echelon or any of its competitors. They have also tied in top instructors from around the world and they can really push you. 
  • The app on the display is very well laid out and displays real-time metrics on-screen during your workouts.
  • Peloton is the biggest of the two companies so you feel slightly safer when it comes to warranties and support. 
  • Although the pedals on the Peloton are not everybody's first choice, they are easy to replace with cages. Just be aware that this may void your warranty!


  • I know we keep mentioning it but the delivery fee is extortionate. Especially when you consider how much you are paying for the bike, the monthly subscription and the price offered by their competitors. 
  • Peloton can be very fussy about honouring warranties. This is not our personal experience but something that we have noticed from other people's online reviews. It seems to be an issue if you attach anything other than Peloton pedals. Just something to be aware of.  
  • Being tied into a 12-month contract seems a bit extreme if you just want to subscribe to an online platform. 
  • There is not a lot in it but the Peloton bike is heavier than the Echelon and a little harder to manoeuvre. Just something to keep in mind if you are going to be storing the bike away somewhere between workouts.

Echelon EX-3

  • Echelon has a wide range of heart rate monitors and sensors to add to your purchase. they are all high quality, high-end monitors but the prices are very reasonable. 
  • You can purchase leg weights from Echelon if you want to build the quads!
  • The bike mat is included with Echelon so you won't be annoying the neighbours with the vibrations and your carpet will be protected.  


  • The main thing that attracts people to Echelon is the price. They are considerably cheaper than Peloton especially when you factor in delivery charges. 
  • The EX5-S is much more comfortable to ride in the seated position. The ergonomics are better and the seat has more padding. 
  • Despite the huge difference in price, the build quality is just as good as the Peloton+ and actually looks better in our opinion. 
  • The signup process for the online classes is very straight forwards and there is no long term commitment. You can just pay month by month. 
  • The Echelon bike is about 20lbs lighter than the Peloton and much easier to manoeuvre. 
  • The Bluetooth connectivity function is excellent especially if you have a Bluetooth smart TV. Putting your classes on the big screen is great for an immersive workout.
  • There is no need to buy delta cleat shoes. You can literally use any shoe on the Echelon bike. 


The display screen is not as big as the Pelotons. The quality is just as good and we liked the layout but a slightly bigger screen would have been better. 

The manual resistance adjuster was good, just not quite as good as the one on the Peloton+. The Peloton definitely felt like a superior bike when it came to the smoothness of the adjuster and the auto-follow feature. 

What other bikes are similar?

Both Echelon and Peloton offer cheaper bikes. You can see our review of the Peloton original and the Echelon EX3 by clicking on this link


Do you have to have a subscription for these bikes??

You do not have to have a subscription for wither bike but if you want to get the most out of them, it is advisable. It is a similar price to a gym membership so if you are serious about improving fitness levels or losing weight in the comfort of your own home, they are a worthy investment. 

Are Echelon and Peloton reuptable companies?

The majority of online reviews for both companies are very good. They seem to both offer great support and comprehensive warranties. Just make sure that you do not tamper with the bikes too much! 

Is the EX5-S the best bike from Echelon?

Echelon has recently released the EX7-S but there seems to be little difference between the two bikes except for the price. The screen size and display are the same as is the internal mechanism. 

What is Pelotons best bike?

The Peloton bike +  is currently Peloton's best bike available. Peloton like to keep it simple with just the original Peloton and the Peloton+. Any upgrades will probably just stay with the same branding. 

Is Peloton suing Echelon?

Peloton is currently suing many smart bike companies for breaches in patent law. They are seeing many, like Echelon, offering a similar service for a much cheaper price and this must be concerning for them. They are probably realising that they are going to have to reduce their prices or cut back on expensive ad campaigns.  

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