GYM10 (A free workout program for bodybuilders)


Welcome to the Gymenix GYM10 training program. Ten exercises, three times a week over twelve weeks for the perfect bodybuilding program. 

What is GYM10?

Gym10 is the new, FREE bodybuilding program from Gymenix. The concept is simple. Ten exercises, three times a week for twelve weeks. 

By sticking to the same movements for each workout, we are going to be able to use progressive overload and monitor progress. 

Ten movements per workout may sound like a lot of volume, but we are going to use supersets and compound movements to make sure that the time in the gym is minimal, whilst activating all of the major muscles in the body. 

Who should use the program?

Anybody can use the workout program. 

Beginners will benefit from the compound movements involved as well as the frequency and simplicity of the program. Using these compound lifts will provide a strong base and promote good form. This is essential in the beginning so that you can avoid injury and make maximum gains.  

Intermediate and advanced lifters can use the program to build on their existing physiques and generate more muscle mass. 

Hypertrophy is the goal with this program but with all of the compound lifts included, you are going to see gains in strength as well. 

What equipment will I need?

To take part in the program you will need a gym that provides the following equipment...
  1. Deadlift platform with bars and weight plates
  2. Incline bench and barbell (or smith machine)
  3. Dip station or dip bars
  4. Crunch machine (if you do not have this you can perform bicycle crunches or rope crunches)
  5. Squat rack with bar and plates
  6. Dumbbells or cable machines for lateral raises
  7. Cable machine with a rope attachment for arm exercises
You can substitute the exercises if you do not have all of the equipment but be mindful of the muscles that you are working. 

GYM10 squat

Try to keep the main compound movements included where possible. The accessory exercises can be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells or cables. 

Bodyweight exercises are not going to provide enough resistance to meet the goals of this program so if you do not have much of this equipment in your home gym, check out gyms in your local area. 

The Workout Program

You will need to work out three times a week over 12 weeks, that will be 36 workouts in total. 

Spread your three workouts out over each week leaving at least one day between for recovery. On these recovery days, stay lightly active, drink plenty of water and make sure that you are hitting your protein markers. 

Although there are 10 exercises per day, we are going to split these up over five supersets. This means that you are not wasting time in the gym and can keep the intensity high. 

Superset 1
Romanian Deadlift        4x4
Calf Press (one-legged)4x15

superset 2
Incline Bench Press       4x6
Bent-Over Row             4x8

Superset 3
Squats                            4x4
Chest dips                      4xAMRAP (As many reps as possible)

Superset 4
Machine crunches          4x15
Lateral Raises                4x15

Superset 5
Bicep rope curl               4x15
Bicep rope extension      4x15

Between each superset, take a minute to rest and take on some BCAAs. 

Any of the above exercises can be substituted for something similar but stick to the same movements for the entire twelve weeks of the GYM10 program. 


With any bodybuilding or strength program, nutrition is essential. Spending time in the gym breaking down muscle fibres is pointless unless we are eating the right things to repair those fibres. 

Eat a clean diet high in protein and healthy fats. Protein should come from lean meats and fish but can also come from whey protein, whey isolate or vegan protein powder. 

Aim for 1 gram of protein for each lb of lean body weight (your overall body weight minus your body fat %). It can be hard to eat this much protein so don't be afraid to supplement with protein drinks. 

Healthy fats can come from nuts, healthy oils (olive oil etc...) fish and avocados. 

The rest of your calories should come from clean carbohydrates. Avoid processed, fast food and opt for fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. 


A good protein supplement is going to help with muscle repair and adaptation. This is important if you are not able to hit your protein markers with your diet. 

In addition to protein, a good multivitamin is going to help with your bodily functions and energy levels. This is one area that you should not scrimp on. Cheaper multivitamins are fairly useless as most of the contents go straight through you and come out in your urine.

Take the time to shop around and check reviews for a good, slow-release multivitamin. You will pay a bit more but you will feel the benefits after a few days when it builds up in your bloodstream.

Creatine is another great supplement to help with your training and energy levels in the gym. You can buy creating in capsules or in powder form to add to your pre-workout drink or protein shake. 

Why are there so many compound lifts?

This program may seem loaded with heavy compound lifts, but we are using them tactically. There are two main reasons for loading the program with compound movements.

Firstly, compound lifts have hypertrophy benefits as they break down the target muscles and force them to adapt. When they repair, they grow back bigger and stronger. 

GYM10 deadlift

Secondly, compound lifts put a huge strain on the central nervous system which forces your body to produce testosterone and IGF-1 growth hormones. This is only a temporary release but will benefit all of the muscles that you work out during your session. This is the reason that each workout is front-loaded with heavy compound lifts. 

What is a superset?

A superset is a method of combining two exercises back-to-back in order to save time in the gym and keep the workout intensity high. 

You can superset two movements that target the same group of muscles or two movements that target different parts of the body. 

For this program, we are targetting different parts of the body so that we can optimise recovery time between sets. 

What should I do when I have completed the program?

The first thing you should do when you have finished the program is take a week off of training to deload. The GYM10 program is an intense, high volume program and your body will need time to fully recover at least once every twelve weeks. 

Once you have rested for a week, you can start the program again or commit to another program for a few weeks. 

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