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 Terry Hollands Weight Loss

Terry Hollands Weight Loss & Body Transformation

If you are a fan of WSM you will know Terry Hollands. He has been on the scene for years and is a popular figure in the strongman community. Many of today's current strongman competitors, including Eddie Hall,  list Terry along with Big Z as their main inspiration. 

Terry has been missing from recent competitions and there is a reason why -  his attention has turned to the stage and he is now probably the world's strongest bodybuilder. 

In this article, we will be looking at Terry's changes in approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle that enabled him to lose over 12 stone and switch from strongman to bodybuilding. 

What Made Terry Turn To Bodybuilding?

Terry made no secret of the fact that he did not feel healthy towards the end of his strongman days. The massive amount of calories required for strength maintenance was taking its toll on his body and as he aged, he was starting to store a lot of it as fat. 

Terry met fitness competitor and trainer Kate Errington and she seemed to have a positive influence on his general health. 

There was no doubt that Terry would have a lot of muscle mass and, under Kates's coaching, Terry managed to shift the bodyfat to display this mass. This encouraged Terry to take to the stage and compete. 

Getting down to a low body fat % took some extreme training and a huge calorie deficit which was always going to have an effect on strength maintenance. 

Terry withdrew from the 2021 WSM competition because of injury and shortly afterwards, he announced his retirement from the sport altogether to focus on his own coaching and bodybuilding. 

Although Terry and Kate are no longer together, he has decided to have another go at bodybuilding under coaching from Simon Diesel Yates and he has never looked leaner. 

Terry Hollands looking lean

The Body Transformation Training

The bodybuilding training is drastically different from Terry's old strength training routine. Terry used to train regularly with fellow strongman Adam Bishop and a lot of the focus was on event practice. This meant a lot of log lifts, Atlas stones, deadlifts and sledge pulls with accessory movements performed at the end of each session. 

Now that Terry has switched his focus to hypertrophy, the majority of the training is from isolation movements with dumbbells and on the cable machines. High reps, high intensity but with moderate resistance. 

Terry follows a variation of the bro split by targetting one body part with each session. The difference is, He trains up to 11 times a week instead of the normal average of 4-5 times a week. 

Terry regularly posts his workouts on social media and seems to have ditched the heavy compound lifts like deadlifts and squats in preference for isolation movements. 

The Body Transformation Diet

The shift in diet will have taken some huge dedication and discipline for Terry. The training would have been easy compared to his strongman training but the eating habits are hard to change. 

When training for WSM competitions, 10,000 calories per day is common for strongmen. This is almost impossible to attain with lean foods so a lot of sugar and fats were consumed in to keep the calories up. 

When training for bodybuilding, the calories would have been under 600 or bulking and likely under 2500 when cutting and leaning out for a show. Terry posts pictures on Instagram with his healthy meals and shakes.

Terry's Online Coaching

Upon retiring from strongman, Terry released his own online coaching service, THTraining. Terry offers a variety of training programs including strength & conditioning, deadlifting and bodybuilding. All of the programs are very well reviewed and include nutrition plans as well as training. 

Bodybuilding Record

August 2019 - 135kg @ 6% body fat
Beginners Category - 1st
Masters Category - 2nd
Super Heavyweight Open - 2nd

May 2022 - 138kg @ 6% body fat
Fit X Insight Supps Expo - Leeds
Masters Category - 2nd

Terry Hollands Bodybuilding

Strongman Record

Terry Hollands started his professional career in strongman in 2005 after placing 2nd in England's strongest man and winning the UK's strongest man. This qualified Terry for World's Strongest Man but he did not qualify for the finals of the competition. 

The following year Terry did take part in the Worlds strongest man and placed 7th. In the same year, Terry lost his title of UK's Strongest Man. 

2007 is the year that most people regard as the pinnacle of Terry's career after putting in his best strongman performance. Terry narrowly missed out on second place after being beaten on the atlas stones and placed third. 

There was a huge expectation on Terry to perform in the 2008 WSM finals but he was up against a hugely talented field and placed last. The following year, Terry did better by placing 6th in the WSM finals.

Although Terry finished 8th in WSM in 2010, he had a great year in other competitions, winning the strongman champions league. In this same year, Terry tore his bicep and had to withdraw from Europe's strongest man. 

Terry Hollands at WSM

Terry displayed great dominance in all disciplines of the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man consistently finishing in the top four to earn him a third-place finish overall. 
Terry made history in 2014 as the first man to qualify for nine consecutive WSM competitions and he managed to place fifth. 

Skip forward a few years and Terry has started to turn his attention to bodybuilding under the guidance of his ex-wife Kate Errington. Even after restricting his diet for the stage, Terry managed to win the 2019 WSM Masters competition in Florida. 

A Bicep injury in 2021 forced Terry to withdraw from WSM and he decided to retire from the sport shortly afterwards to pursue his passion for bodybuilding and his online training business. 

Terry Hollands Bio

Terry was born and raised in Dartford, Kent and grew up playing Rugby. Terry took his passion for Rugby into his working life as a professional strength and conditioning within the sport for Harlequins. 

An injury in 2004 took Terry away from his normal conditioning and endurance training in the gym and turned him on to strength training. 

After marrying and separating from Kate Errington in 2020, Terry is currently single and dedicates most of his spare time to spending time with his son Zach. 

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