Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program


Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program

Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program - Get The Perfect Body

The perfect body is a subjective thing but there is a guide that will tell you what the majority of people believe is perfection. You can follow the Adonis Golden Ratio workout program and diet to give yourself what is deemed to be the perfect body. 

Our review of the Adonis Golden Ratio Program.

It's not often that a workout program grabs our attention. Most of them are just rehashed basic workout splits with a few gimmicks thrown in and great marketing. 

After seeing the rave reviews in Men's Health Magazine and GQ we thought that we would take a look to see what the fuss is all about. 

In this article, we have broken down the program in detail and showcased some of the success stories accomplished by people that have completed the Adonis Golden Ratio program.

Adonis golden training program

What is the Adonis Golden Ratio workout program?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a workout program for anybody looking to gain lean muscle and lose body fat. The premise is that, in nature, there is a “Golden Ratio” that everybody finds attractive. In men, this ratio is 1.618. If you measure your shoulder width and waist circumference and divide them, the closer you come to this number, the closer you are to the Adonis Golden Ratio and the most desirable figure. 

We can figure out the Adonis Golden Ratio for women but it is a little trickier as it involves more maths.

Measure the circumference of your upper body at the point at which your bust is most prominent (B), your waist at its narrowest (W), and your hips at the widest (H), you can do it in cm or inches it doesn’t matter. 

Then measure from your bust line down to your waist (label this distance BW), and measure from your Waist to your Hip line HW.
(B – W) x BW x 0.5 = Bust figure
(H – W) x HW x 0.5 = Hip Figure
And then calculate:
Bust figure + Hip Figure / Hip Figure = your Golden Ratio
Venus factor

You can see the Adonis Golden Ratio in practice with the image above. Although all of the women have great figures, Scarlett Johansson is the closest to the Adonis Golden Ratio and therefore is mathematically more attractive. 

This may sound a bit gimmicky but it is based on extensive research from a broad spectrum. The Adonis Golden Ratio was obtained by conducting a large scale survey and basing the numbers on the average opinion. 

How do I get to the Adonis Golden Ratio?

Going to the gym and just following a basic training split with compound lifts is not going to get you to the Adonis Golden Ratio. It is going to mean reducing the size of some parts of our body whilst adding lean muscle mass to other parts. 

This can be done through diet and a specific training plan. 

The Adonis Golden Ratio training plan is mainly aimed at men looking to add width to their shoulders, definition to the upper arms and upper legs, and reduce their waist size. 

Your journey is going to depend on your starting point, the time that you can dedicate and your determination. The blueprint to your dream body is right here, you just have to follow it. 

Adonis download

Training split for the Adonis Golden Ratio workout program

The training split will step away from general mass building exercises and focus on movements that will give aesthetically pleasing results. 

This will include working on the lateral deltoids and the latissimus dorsi to add width to the upper body. 

There are specific exercises that will tone and define the upper arms, quads and glutes as well as methods for bringing the waistline in. 

All of these are factors that will help you reach what is deemed to be the perfect physique, the Adonis Golden Ratio. 

The Adonis Golden Ratio training split is a 12-week periodisation program so it can be repeated over and over as long as you regularly de-load. The good thing about is that it is suitable for anybody. 

If you are a complete beginner, every workout and exercise is broken down for you. If you have experience with using free weights, cables and machines, you can just use the workout program as a guide. 

Diet for the Adonis Golden Ratio. 

This is one of the main selling points for the Adonis Golden Ration. There is a whole book dedicated to nutrition and diet plans. It details the different ways that you can plan your eating plan around your lifestyle and the foods that you like. 

If you are overweight, the reverse taper diet is the main method which can be hard at first but gets easier as you can up the calories as you lose weight. 

For trainers that are already in shape, the intermittent fasting method is the preference and the Adonis Golden Ration plan has a foolproof method for using it. 

Supplementation for Adonis Golden Ratio.

As with all workout strategies, supplements are going to play a big part. The Adonis Golden Ratio supplement guide will tell you the benefits of whey protein and whey isolate, multivitamins and any other supplement options. 

Supplements are going to play a big part in your energy levels, brain function, muscle recovery and testosterone levels. All of these need to be functioning highly for you to get the best from this workout program. 

What do I need for the Adonis Golden Ratio program?

You will need the following to take part in this program...

  1. Ideally access to a gym. If not, you will need a dumbbell bench and a selection of dumbbells.
  2. Supplements. Some whey or whey isolate, multivitamins and fish oils are the minimum
  3. Time. Make time every day to workout, prepare food and track progress
  4. Dedication. This is a blueprint for success. You just need to stick to it. 
  5. The program - the program is not free but does represent excellent value for money. It is packed with all of the information and inspiration that you need to change your life. And it is a lot cheaper than a personal trainer! Click here to get it at a reduced price.

Pros of the Adonis Golden Ratio program

  • Detailed, unique workout guide. different to the normal, boring training split.
  • Scientifically backed strategy with details of the science and research articles.
  • An honest program that makes it clear that you will have to put the work in for results.
  • Custom categories make it easy for you to define your starting point and your goal.
  • A detailed guide for measuring progress and setting goals
  • Proven to be effective with numerous testimonials and motivational stories.
  • Backed by a lot of fitness professionals and is generally very well-reviewed.

Cons of the Adonis Golden Ratio program

  • The affiliate marketing of the product has made it look a bit 'tacky' for those that know nothing about it. This can be a bit off-putting. 
  • The supplement guide is useful but not as detailed as the nutrition and workout guide. This could be improved upon. Luckily there is a lot of advice on forums about the best supplements for this program.
  • The website could do with updating. It looks a bit dated and some of the images do not always load. This is a great product but the website is second rate. 

Success stories.

This program has been around for a couple of years now and there are countless success stories from people that improved their health, increased their confidence and changed their lives. ..

Adonis review1

Ben - The Adonis Index approach makes sense and it's probably what you have been looking for - simple to follow, without any outrageous fitness rules, flexible and within a few weeks you will start seeing results, trust me - I am living proof of that.

Adonis review 2

Mike - Looking back now, I could have saved myself a lot of frustration and years of looking terrible. Adonis Index program helped me transform my body into an amazing and ripped shape.

And if I can do it at the age of 40 with two kids and work, then anybody can do it too!

Adonis review 3

Al - I still can't believe that I did this amazing transformation in just three months. But I did and if I can do it, you can too. It's all about the mental shift. You need to commit yourself to follow the program and go from one workout to the next one.

Where can I buy the Adonis Golden Ratio training program?

You can buy the Adonis Golden Ration training program, diet guide and supplement guide at a discounted rate by clicking here.

Where to buy adonis golden ratio

Gymenix offers a selection of free training programs to suit all abilities and goals. Click on the links below for FREE access. 

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