7 Best Power Towers UK (A definitive buyers guide)

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The power tower is an awesome bit of kit. No other piece of equipment gives you the option to work out your entire upper body and core for such a cheap price. 

If you are building a home gym, garage gym, or garden gym or just want a way of working out from home, the power tower should be your first purchase. They take up little room compared to a multigym or power rack and can help with hypertrophy, strength and functional fitness. 

We have reviewed 7 of the best options available in the UK below so that you can make an informed choice.

7 - YOLEO Adjustable Power Tower 

YOLEO Adjustable Power Tower

We tried out the Yoleo Power Tower and were impressed by how solid it was for the small price tag. It would have been one of our top choices but it is very heavy and has a large footprint. This can be an issue if you are putting it into your garage gym or have limited space. 

Although we did not construct the Yoleo tower, reviews state that it is easy to put together with well laid out instructions. 

Although the footprint of the unit is pretty big, we did like the fact that it has big feet for additional stability on leg raises or dips. 

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 6 - Dripex Power Tower Height Adjustable Dip Station

Dripex Power Tower Height Adjustable Dip Station

Dripex is possibly the biggest name on our list of top power towers. Their offering is a great buy for the price and is more compact than the Yoleo option. 

Like the Yoleo power tower, this one also has big feet for stability but it seemed to move about a bit when performing leg raises. 
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5 - Sports royals Power Tower

Sports royals Power Tower

The SportsRoyal Power Tower is, in our opinion, great value for money. Its sturdy steel frame construction, neat welds, strong fastenings and high-quality padding make it a no-brainer. It is also one of the cheapest towers on the market. 

The reviews are generally very good and it is currently rated at 4.8/5 stars on Amazon. The only negative reviews seem to be based either on delivery complaints or the basic instruction manual. 

We received ours directly from the Amazon warehouse within two days with no issues. Once unpacked, the set-up seemed fairly obvious and we didn't even consult the manual. 

Everything is slotted together easily and there are limited fastenings to bolt on. 

The SportsRoyal Power Tower is relatively lightweight when you consider how sturdy the unit is. This makes it easy to push to the side or manoeuvre into storage when not in use. 
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4 - ONETWOFIT Pull up rack station for Home Power tower

Cheapest option

ONETWOFIT Pull up rack station for Home Power tower

This power tower is very cheap which is why it has made our list. The reviews are all very good but the small frame construction and the narrow feet mean that it is not the sturdiest. 

This tower is suited to the smaller, lighter person. If you need heavy duty for a heavy workout, avoid this one. 

SogesHome Pull Up Bar Power Tower

The Soges Tower is not very sturdy and the steel frame is smaller than other options but, it is very cheap. We have listed it as a good option if you are a small-framed person and have limited space in your gym for a tower. 

If you are over 10 stone, we would not recommend this tower as it moves about a lot when performing pullups and dips. 
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2 - HOMCOM Power Tower Dip Station

HOMCOM Power Tower Dip Station

This is one of the more expensive options but it does come with added accessories. The pulley system allows you to add some weight plates and perform lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, rows and bicep curls. 

You will need a lot of space for this one as the footprint is very big but the construction of the frame and the pulley is very good. 
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1 - BangTong&Li Power Tower Dip Station

BangTong & Li Power Tower

BangTong & Li are not a huge name in the fitness equipment arena but their power tower is far superior to any others on the market in the budget price bracket. 

We could not fault it at all. It is solid, sturdy, lightweight, cheap, and easy to put together. 

All of the reviews for this tower are great and the design is fantastic. 

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BangTong&li tower specs

BangTong & Li  Review


In our opinion, a power tower should be the first thing that you put in a home gym. It gives you the option to work all of your upper body and core from one machine and helps with both hypertrophy, strength and functional fitness. 

The cheap price of a power tower makes it an affordable option t get your garage gym started and the ones listed above are some of the best options on the market. 

Check out our advice, read the reviews and you can not go too far wrong. 

We hope that this article has been informative. Check out some of our free, science-backed training programs by clicking on the menu bar at the top of this page. 
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